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Frontier Fellowship Groups

Our Vision is the World, Our Goal is . ..SOULS!!

"So, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from horse to house.."
Acts 2: 46-

Frontier Fellowship Groups are weekly house-church meetings, held in people's homes, Frontier groups provide an intimate family type setting for Christian discipleship. A typical meeting format involves singing, talking openly about a variety of subjects and of course, lots of food. Meetings are scheduled to last one hour, but the fellowship time often goes longer, just because it's so much fun. New believers and those that are "checking out" the church to see if Jesus is for them will find real people just like them, and more.

Christianity is more than food, fun and fellowship. In Jesus Christ is found the only real peace and the answers to life's most troubling problems. In the context of Christian fellowship, people are able to safely reveal who they really are and trust they will be met with the love of God. Come and see for yourself. It's the real deal!

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