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Do you need help on a technical project for your ministry?

Before we begin working together on your project, we wanted to let you know a little bit about our organization.

RCMI is a non-profit organization that exists to advance the kingdom of God through the use of video and other communication technologies. As a non-profit corporation, we rely on your support and contributions for our day-to-day expenses. We provide leadership training and media production, affordably and without profit, to the mission community. We can discuss the cost issue for your project after you have made a formal request.

As an organization, we have firmly committed ourselves to the whole counsel of God as our rule for ministry. In our by-laws, we have this statement: "To spread the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth through any means available and according to the holy Scriptures found in the Judeo-Christian Bible." Similarly, our statement of faith reads: "We believe that the Judeo-Christian Bible is the absolute truth, that every word is inspired by God, given to people who wrote as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. It is the rule we follow in all matters pertaining to life and godliness."

Although there are many worthy projects out there, we limit ourselves to those that directly fulfill our mission and vision. In order for us to consider helping a requesting organization, they must meet three main criteria:

  1. They must believe, and teach, the whole Bible as the inerrant word of God.
  2. Their project must be relevant to furthering Jesus Christ's work on earth.
  3. They need a clear definition of the proposed project and the objectives they hope to meet.

If you feel your request meets the above guidelines please send us a formal request including: Organization name and contact person, your statement of faith, and a description of the proposed project and how it will further the work of Christ on earth.

We look forward to discussing your project in light of these guidelines in the very near future.

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